Build any data feed, expand your market, reach more customers

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Powerful & Reliable

Built with high availability and scalabilty as core principles – whatever the load – we have the pulling power

Monitoring for Peace of Mind

Easy to configure monitoring, that does not simply watch up-time. We inform you if services are interacting with your data feeds as you would expect.

Complexity or Simplicity

We can handle both just as elegantly. An easy mobile friendly administration, smooth to navigate whether your configuration needs are light or heavy.

Flexible Builder Toolkit

Map, Extract, Find & Replace .. slice and dice your product data to suit your exact needs. Regular expression search built as an option into all
appropriate actions.

All Your Data Available

Some solutions do not include option to feed meta data – we do.

Inventory Data by Location

A relatively new feature in Shopify – Inventory Locations is fully built in to Feed Donkey.

Comprehensive Builder Options

Map to Shopify store values, insert static values or create a translation rule.

Construct Composite Columns

Cell contents can be built using multiple data elements

Create Custom URL parameters

Maintain control of your analytics with the ability to construct custom parameters – again these can consist of multiple data elements both static and dynamic.

Channel template guides to help you get up and running

Google, Bing, Facebook, Affiliate Window, Kelkoo, Rakuten, Pinterest .. & many more