Cookie Policy

Feed Donkey uses cookies on both and By using our services you consent to the use of cookies.

This Cookies Policy page explains what cookies are and the function that they are employed to fulfil.

This policy should be reviewed in conjunction with its partner documents, our Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Notice.

Cookies Explained

Cookies are strings of text, saved on your device in the form of a very small file. These files are saved or cached in your web browser when you visit websites – they add function to web services by saving certain pieces of information so when a user re-visits a web location the website can recognise this and tailor the experience according to information it already knows about that user – or selections that user has already made.

Cookies are ‘tracking’ in a technical sense but this does not have to be regarded as a bad thing. Their existence is about making web experiences richer and more convenient – rather than compromising privacy.

Cookies can be be Persistent or Session based. Persistent cookies will stay on your device when you go offline whereas a Session based cookie will be deleted when you close your web browser.

How We Use Cookies

Feed Donkey uses cookies for the following purposes:

We use the Google Analytics cookie to analyse and track visits to our web resources for the purposes of improving our users experience and optimising conversion and other marketing goals for the business.

The Intercom cookie allows our customer support chat system to identify the same person across our different web resources to give a more seamless and coordinated experience when communicating with us.

We do not employ cookies for advertising re-targeting purposes.

Controlling Cookies

It is extremely simple to control cookies and how they are saved in your browser. A simple web search will provide you with numerous step by step guides specific to the browser that you prefer.

If you use our service we presume that you understand the principle of cookies and agree to their use for the purpose of making your web experience with us better.