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Buiding Composite Columns | How to Guide

Stack different data elements within a column to return exactly the contents that you require

Using Composite Columns

The first place that you will probably see this in use is when we are combining a price or cost value with either a currency code or a currency symbol.

For example:

So here we are combining a variable from the store data (variants_price) with a static element (the USD currency code), and we have set to separate these two components with a space.

Another common use maybe to combine different elements together to meet a certain format requirement. It may be specified for a unique product id to be constructed from both product and variant level data.

For example:

This ID has the advantage of being unique to individual variants, but also ‘sortable’ into the product level groupings.

For example:

Your product name may need to consist of a certain combination of elements for some feeds. In the above example a wine merchant needs to pass their product name as a composite of Title + Vintage + Brand

There are lots of different possibilities of course, with Feed Donkey you have a very flexible builder to be able to cope with most if not every possible format requirement.