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GDPR Data Redaction

We like all public apps available through the Shopify App Store, subscribe to the Shopify GDPR webhooks function.

This means that when you uninstall our app from your storefront, 48 hrs afterwards we receive an automated request (in the form of a webhook). Our application is configured to react to this request by redacting the data that we hold on our servers for the store in question.

The redaction process overwrites the data with a hashed version so that it is to all intents and purposes unrecoverable. We then have a programme of maintenance where we regularly clear these redacted store databases from our storage.

If you have a Feed Donkey account profile that is linked to a single Shopify store and you action an uninstall of the app – 48 hrs after this point we will redact everything we hold related to this store – all product data, all profile data and all saved configuration data also.

If you have Feed Donkey account profile with linkages to multiple stores there are some more considerations.

For example:

We have a Feed Donkey account profile under the username of

This profile is linked to the following stores: (the billing store)

If you were to uninstall our app from Store B – the redaction will only apply to the data we hold for this single store.

However, if you were to uninstall our app from Store A being the billing store – if you take no further action – the redaction process will apply to data held for Store A, B and C.

You will have the opportunity to reallocate the billing store in the scenario (before the 48 hrs has elapsed) – an email will be sent to the profile email and this will include a link so that you can perform this task.