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Idealo Product Feed | Build Guide

Idealo will accept a feed served on a url location as provided by Feed Donkey.

You are free to choose the character delimiter. We would recommend that you choose to configure your feed settings as either a TAB delimited .txt file or a comma separated .csv.

We will list the required field headers, Idealo can receive these columns in varying order but when you first submit your product feed the column order vs values contained structure will be mapped to your account profile.

Therefore, any later changes to column order structure need to be done in consultation, or you may experience feed fetch problems.

Idealo Feed Column Descriptions

Article Number in Shop

Unique reference for product, should only appear once in the feed (e.g. B43677536A)


EAN / GTIN / Barcode

Several values can be entered but the character separator must be different from the main file delimiter (e.g. EAN1|EAN2|EAN3)



Manufacturers product code (e.g. BDP9600/12)


Manufacturer / Brand Name

For own brands enter the retailer name (e.g. Adidas)


Product Name

For best visibility enter the manufacturer + model name/ code. No promotional text (e.g. Royal Canin Feline Breed Maine Coon 31 Adult 10 kg (4-Pack))



Values must include VAT (e.g. 15.99)


Discount Price

If a value in this column, this will be the displayed sale price on Idealo & will override the Price column value. (e.g. 25.95)


Was Price

Not the manufacturers RRP but the price before discount (e.g. 155.00)


Delivery Time

Should match the values displayed in your shop


Product Group in Shop

If possible provide this as a path/ product hierachy format (e.g. Mens Fashion > Trousers)


Product Description

Long text description. must not exceed 1000 characters. HTML formatting is accepted


Product Characteristics / Further Attributes

Please enter these as ‘name:value’ pairs. The separator between pairs can be selected but steer away from the main character delimiter of the file. (e.g. Colour:black/white| Gender:men | Material:100% synthetic | Size:12)


Product URL

The feature image URL – max image size 1MB (e.g.


Image URL_1

First additional image URL (e.g.


Image URL_2

Second additional image URL (e.g.


Image URL_3

Third additional image URL (e.g.



It is preferred that these values are entered in the Product Characteristics column (e.g. Blue)



It is preferred that these values are entered in the Product Characteristics column (e.g. 32R)


Cash in Advance

The cost of shipping and handling for this payment method (if the cost of delivery does not vary by the method of payment you may just submit one column). (e.g. 4.99)


Shipping Cost Comment

This comment text must not exceed 150 characters in length (e.g. 3% Discount for cash in advance / free collection in Maidstone store possible)


Unit Price

Required where the article has a unit price (e.g. 25.50 GBP/ Kg)

mandatory (where this is relevant to the article)

Voucher Code

For articles with a voucher option, the reduced price must be given in either the Price or Discount Price columns.

Energy Efficiency Rating

For articles that require an energy efficiency label

mandatory (where this is relevant to the article)


If you are providing an item in a multi-pack/ bundle you must provide the quantity here.

mandatory (where this is relevant to the article)

Idealo Help Documentation

Idealo Technical Integration Guide (English)

Feed Specification (pdf document)