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Installing through the Shopify App Store

Feed Donkey is built for Shopify merchants, the only way currently of using Feed Donkey is to install through the Shopify App Store.

Feed Donkey works by you granting the application authenticated access to your Shopify product database. By linking this Shopify access to Feed Donkey – the product data that we store against your Feed Donkey profile for the purposes of creating feeds – can be kept up to date with changes and additions on the Shopify side.

When you click ‘Add app’ from the Feed Donkey app store page, you will be asked for the [yourstore] url for the Shopify store where you will install the app.

At this point Shopify will require you to log in with a profile that has the correct permissions for the store in question. There is only one profile that can perform this for a Shopify store (go to [yourstore] and the ‘Store Owner will be listed at the top of the Permissions section).

If all is in order here, the installation acceptance screen will be presented. If you agree to the amount of access that the application will have (Feed Donkey will be asking for access to View Shopify account data and View Products) you will then click ‘Install app’.

This step will then create the authenticated link between your Shopify store and the Feed Donkey application.

In the first place this will allow Feed Donkey to create a database copy of all your Shopify product data and going forward will allow updates to automatically copy across.

This linkage will stay active until the point where the Feed Donkey app is uninstalled from your store.

The next step that you will see is that you will be asked to provide an email address for the purpose of creating your Feed Donkey account profile.. this does not have to be the same ‘Store Owner’ email address that you use to log in to your Shopify store – but you may decide that you use this one. Your Feed Donkey account email will be the one where you receive subscription & billing related notifications.

You will see a ‘Check Email’ entry form & once you have submitted this you will see a pop up message asking you to confirm that you want to create a Feed Donkey account profile under this username/ email. If the account email already exists in the system – the pop up will ask you if you wish to add the newly installed store under the usage profile of the existing account.

Depending on the factors above you may be eligible for the free forever plan or alternatively you may be offered a subscription plan for the usage level that you need. Either way you will be directed to the Feed Donkey plan selection screen – with the free plan this is the last step and you are all set.

If you require a paid tier subscription you will be offered this with a 15 day free trial. Please see our article on Getting the most from your free trial period.