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Product Update Frequency

When you first link your store to the Feed Donkey app this starts a synchronisation process where all of your data in your Shopify products database is copied and added to your own personal Feed Donkey database.

After this ‘first run’ copy process, any changes in product data in Shopify are reflected across to Feed Donkey pretty much immediately. So the ‘raw data’ that you will use to build your feeds is maintained in a ‘virtually live’ state.

This said, feeds that you have designed and configured to conform to a number of rules need to be processed. This new database of products needs to be ran against your column builder rules and any filters that are set in order to arrive at the latest feed file to make available on a URL.

By default, this will happen once every 24 hrs. For some use cases this is enough – but we do recognise that in others, merchants will need the data to be in a closer to live state.

If you are a current customer within the plans part of your profile you will see a number of different options relating to how often these feed update runs happen. In addition to the default 24 hour updates, you can select every 6 hours, 3 hours and also hourly update.

See our pricing page for the latest charges associated with the higher frequency update plans.